GoingOTE - New Orleans

Group Kart

New Orleans was the second stop on the USA tour and where we experience true southern hospitality provided by the Hebert family. They took us in, made us breakfast, cooked us dinner, even designed a cake with our own personal images cut out on it! Louisiana is such a flavorful place as you can see everyone enjoyed themselves. Austin Raye and Julian Daigre came out to support and inspired us on their lives in health and fitness and educated us on making a living through social media.  It was interesting to see a beautiful cross fit gym incorporate parkour and freerunning into their class schedule. I spent some time talking to parents and hearing their stories of how their young children found freerunning and connect with it so deeply and want their parents to understand. I believe the jam and documentary answered many questions for these supportive parents. It gave them to the opportunity to see what the faces of professional athletes look like in this sport and admire them from not only an athletic perspective but as well spoken, inspirational creators, entrepreneurs, and dedicated world travels. 

Austin Raye Julian Daigre
Jesse La Flair
Cory DeMeyers
Jason Paul Swing
Cory DeMeyers
Group Shot
Cory DeMeyers
Pasha The Boss
Jason Paul