GoingOTE - Toronto

Jason Paul

Its always scary and fun crossing boarders. Through traveling I am reminded how blessed I am to be an American passport holder. For the most part I can come and go as I please with little questions asked. Canada has always been a tricky boarder to cross but we've always made it through. Unfortunately, Anan Anwar from Thailand was not able to get a visa in time and being the only one who needed one, he wasn't allowed in. We made it a quick trip in and out of Toronto as to not keep him waiting. We were tempted by lovely families offering their homes, warm beds and even homemade breakfast. Sadly, we had to pass and it also meant not being able to go out and shoot in the city. We did get to enjoy a beautiful jam at Monkey Vault that has large glass walls and wood floors and ceiling which made for the optimal lighting and photographically pleasing, as far as indoors go! 

Giles Campbell Longley
Jason Paul
Cory DeMeyers

How could you not let this guy into Canada?