Jerusalem - Getting permission and still asking for forgiveness


The ministry of tourism brought Jason Paul,  Amadei Weiland  and I to Jerusalem to vlog about our travels there. An ideal experience for Jason and I, to have permission to explore a location and document it. We saw some iconic locations like the Mount of Olives and the Tower of David. Most unique was being able to watch him jump across the pillars in the Cardo, remnants of a central street in the Roman Period. By building a human pyramid with the Help of Amadei and our local freerunner, Aaron Sarfaty, Jason was able to reach the top.

Climbing and shooting in public usually comes with security guards and a high level of sneakiness. With our entourage from the ministry we abandoned all caution. 

As Jason was preparing and testing the sturdiness I had double duty of shooting the video for the vlog while trying to get some still images as well. I wish I had more time to shoot the photos but the video does more justice to the actual situation. My challenge was to show the height of the columns while not getting the other camera men and spectators in the shot and the right timing of the jump. A crowd of onlookers gathered, curious as to what was going on. Suddenly a man dressed in a bright yellow vest starts shouting at Jason. We assume he is a security guard trying to chase us off. After making sense of his broken English we understand he is asking Jason to clean up all the rocks that were on the top of the pillars. 

Tower of David

Shortly after the police do show up and ask him to get down. We didn't realize the pillars were in site of the police station.  Jason didn't bother explaining that we had permission since we got the shots anyway and were ready to move on to the next location. 
Tower of David