Ediphotoeye lives a minimalist lifestyle fitting everything she owns in her camera backpack and suitcase. There is more camera gear than clothes, and this shows you where her priorities are. It also allows her to document while changing continents every few months. She is usually following the migration of freerunners, or parkour athletes, in search of warmer weather and city environments. Social media has made this lifestyle possible as a career choice, instead of just a youthful excursion. 

At times these images can make your palms sweat, especially if you have a fear of heights. She pushes you into experiencing other cultures through her pictures. Bringing you to places you probably shouldn't be is part of the fun. 


Whether she’s going pyro on some confectionary, investigating Superman’s smoke den or cavorting with some of the world’s most familiar faces in sports, music and art, edi is a practicing priestess of intrepid innovation and visual voodoo.